Use BluFEED To Post To Your Social Media Accounts For Free

Free updates to your social media accounts - BluFEED

This is how BluFEED will post to your Facebook

Learn to use RSS feeds from this website to post optimized and engaging content to your social media accounts on 100% autopilot.

From our short course you will learn how to build a “social media machine” that will work for you 24/7 without you even having to lift a finger.

You can build multiple Facebook fanpages, set up blogger blogs, Twitter accounts, etc. and auto post our image rich content that will engage your followers and make you look like a hero.

Don’t let your social accounts go stale. Google loves updates and will give you much more credit if search engine spiders see fresh content.

That will make Google bot visit your account more frequently and give more weight to your profile links pointing to your website.

BluFeed has multiple categories you can choose from when posting to your accounts.

There is also a possibility of creating a custom feed for you and placing a call to action at the bottom of your custom posts in order to capture your readers and direct them back to your website or offer of your choosing.





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