7 Tips for a Stylish Smart Home


Philips Hue Wellner light, $99.99; Philips Hue smart light bulbs, $49.99; meethue.com

Smart lightbulbs are a great entry point for integrating smart tech into your home. They’re affordable and don’t require a big installation project. What’s more, smart lights can amp up your home’s aesthetic.

“I love Hue lightbulbs,” says Wood. “They’re not trying to be anything but light bulbs, they’re seamlessly integrated into your home, and provide an upgrade to regular bulbs by offering a variety of colors, smart controls, and energy savings.”

Knobloch also advocates smart lighting. “I like putting smart lamps in front windows so that they’re scheduled to light the window at night, and turn off in the morning. It’s a pretty effect, and doesn’t require you to turn it off each morning.”

Philips Hue’s smart lighting isn’t just limited to light bulbs, but also includes beautifully designed lamps that include connected lighting. The Wellner lamp ($99) has a sleek orb-like design that gives off shades of white, making it a great addition to the bedroom. The Go lamp ($79.99), with its chic half-moon shape, emits rainbow and white hues. The best part? It’s portable! The Go can hold a charge so that it can be moved anywhere in the home, so you can change up the lighting in any room depending on your mood.



Source: http://feeds.sunset.com/~r/sunset/home/~3/r1BuVouRMxo/diy-home-automation

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